About Us

About Us
KVANDO Technologies Inc. is an IT –°ompany, specialized on providing dedicated backend developers on-demand to clients, willing to augment their in-house team.

If you want to create a Marketplace, our team will go with you through all the stages of product development from the hypotheses and MVP to the launch of the product. We also can provide you with technical support to your active e-commerce site.

With us your engineering team will get a specific technical expertise and domain knowledge you need. You will get access to world-class software engineering teams and technology consultants. Your business will be able to scale flexibly.

Whether you need 1 expert for a month or a team of 3-5 engineers for one-two years, we will help you to find the right form of cooperation!
KVANDO Technologies team is experienced in backend applications building in such technologies as Golang, Python, and Java.

To create robust backend applications, we use SOLID, DRY, TDD development principles.
We have everything for helping you to create your dream application!